Building the future of AB testing at carwow

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AB testing at carwow

  1. Any results must be Trustworthy. Our metrics must be robust and reproducible, and the statistical analysis must be accurate and well presented
  2. Any reports must be Usable. We will require our dashboards to be used by all of our product teams and enable them to effortlessly analyse experiments and make clear informed decisions. We see visualisation and segmentation as vitally important
  3. We are a business that is evolving, entering and creating new markets, so the dashboards must be Extendable. It must be easy to introduce new metrics, segments, experimentation methods and analysis and new visualisations.
  4. We are a business that is growing massively, therefore it must be Scalable. We may need to collect and analyse data from tens of millions of users. Therefore we must ensure scalability is at the heart of our tool.
  5. It must run Efficiently. We should be able to refresh the data quickly, easily and routinely. We may want to perform deep dive analysis to quickly validate a new hypothesis. It also must store data and compute in the most efficient and effective way to minimise cost.
Our Learning & Experiment Analytics Platform (LEAP)

Meta: Our Experiment Meta Data

Metrics Dictionary

Data Collection

Statistics Engine


Let Mat walk you through our London offices




What happens in the Analytics and Data Science team here at carwow

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Analytics and Data Science @ carwow

Analytics and Data Science @ carwow

What happens in the Analytics and Data Science team here at carwow

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